Design Concepts 

We discuss with clients and our vision in terms of conceptual ideas, these can range from abstract atmospheres to concrete ideas; often this will result in a presentation or in mood boards using images and sketches as well as sample boards with physical or digitalised boards.

Finishes & Flooring Selection

We develop the selection process from the conceptual to the final item to be ordered through an iterative process whereby we add, edit and refine all materials which contribute to a room and to the overall project. We propose samples such as wood, porcelain, encaustic tiles, stone, vinyl, carpet, polished concrete, specialist paint or plaster effects, wallcoverings and acoustic materials to suit each project.

We have a vast library of previously used materials but more often we contact our suppliers to find new products as we like to create schemes with unique details.

Furniture Selection

We discuss styles and periods of furniture early on during the conceptual design process and these are then refined in the course of our journey, until we pick the exact supplier and items which we will either purchase for the clients or we make designs to be custom made if we need to adjust sizes, materials or shapes.